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News Black people in China?

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    I can't find this information online. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how many black people reside in China.

    There are 1.3 billion people in China
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    I understand that there are actually quite a few though probably not nearly as many as in some other countries. Black people are also very much looked down upon in China from what I gather. A couple of chinese ladies I talk to online occasionally expressed great reservations about Obama being the president of the US. They may not be quite the normal chinese person in perspective but I magine that the intense nationalism in their country contributes heavily to descrimination based on race.

    Edit: I've been looking and can't find numbers either. Its very possible that they are not allowed citizenship and so are not counted in the census.
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    I am hoping for a number or some sort of decent estimated range
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    You won't get one.
    Assuming you aren't counting any of the Chinese aborigine goups as 'black' but mean Africans then they aren't on the Chinese governments census. The very few black Africans in China are likely to be employees of foreign (especially US) companies or short term visitors who won't be counted and whose ethnicity isn't tracked.
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    I don't mean to discourage, but it's not very likely that the Chinese government would keep track of such information. Two reasons: 1) They are such a small part of the population, and 2) the Chinese are very racist against blacks, so they aren't likely to show up on census reports.
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    OK then let's see who can make the most clever use of resources we do have. How far can you narrow your estimate.

    I will start

    # of Blacks (African) in China < 1.3 billion

    who can improve this
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    Starting at page 26 this paper discusses ethnic minorities in China and reference 56 officially recognized minorities though I am uncertain whether this applies only to various chinese cultures or outside cultures aswell. It also mentions the "floating population" who rove about without official sanction taking jobs where they can. From what I have heard I think that the majority of blacks in China probably fit into this catagory and the article states that there is no accurate measurement of this segment of the population.

    Try searching chinese migrant population.
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    Okay that document says there are about 1.1 billion Han. I am assuming none of them are black

    So I have narrowed it down to:

    < .2 billion black people in China

    So far I am winning
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    Oh trust me, they are normal. Chinese people hate black people. They hate white people, too. Actually, they hate everyone who isn't Chinese. (I'm not kidding either, knowing the number of Chinese girlfriends I've had and knowing their families. Whenever they see another Asian do something bad, they just say "He's probably Korean!")
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    There's racism against blacks.. so there are some blacks
    (not a good source .. )

    As for estimation ..

    Add up these percentages, and then divide whatever left with ~5 to 50
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    This is some gross generalization, and certainly contradicts my experience with people of Chinese origin from PRC, Taiwan and immigrants to the US, and those born in the US. There is a spectrum of ethnocentrism in all ethnic groups. One size does not fit all.
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    Ermm... Actually Chinese ARE black people


    Well even Chinese hate their own, considering that have never been a united race. Ever heard of the term 'The Sick Man of Asia?' I see more Chinese women getting paired off with white folks (overseas, that is) than I do with Chinese male. Women knows best! :eek::)
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    Black people in China? Well, I believe there's no ethnic classification for indigenious Black Chinese in China from the population data I've seen. They only report Chinese ethnic groups for their population census, not racial groups. Africans or other Black people from other countries (i.e. university students) are the only group in China regarded as 'Black'.

    There's the Famau clan (Siyu village) on Pate Island off the East African coast who are considered the last surviving descendants of Chinese sailors (Admiral Zheng He's 15th century treasure ship voyages) and African women, whom Chinese tourist and academics visit frequently. I believe there's a archeological study, started in 2006 of the island by Beijing University.

    But according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a genetic study (University of Texas, 1998) headed by population geneticist Dr. Li Jin , "Genetic researchers say they have found fresh evidence that Chinese people are descended from Africans... Academics from the University of Texas and their colleagues in China studied 28 population groups in China and concluded that most - if not all - had their genetic origins in Africa..."

    Follow-up genetic research since the 1998 study has yielded the same conclusions. It's amazing how some information never seems to get disseminated well enough. French anthropologist H. Imbert stated this in 1928 (Les Negritos de la Chine): "The Negroid races peopled at some time all the South of India, Indo-China and China. The South of Indo-China actually has now pure Negritos as the Semangs and mixed as the Malays and the Sakais..."
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    I thought it was just me. I'm going to tell my wife I'm Korean just to see if it helps.
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    "they hate everyone who isnt chinese" When I (lily white american) was in China everyone was very nice to me. A couple of them confided that they liked americans, and that that feeling goes back to their war with the japanese. The flying tigers are still heroes there. This is the mainland, Taiwan may be different.
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    actually, their idol is michael jackson.
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    But not many Asians (living in Asia) know he's actually black.
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    I spent two years in Taiwan working with the Republic of China Navy (ROCN). Nearly every single person I know in Taiwan, both in the Navy and outside it, thinks Black folks are cousins of monkeys...a subhuman species. They maintain the Chinese race is superior to all the others, as well.
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