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Aerospace Black Sky: Space Ship One documentary on Science Channel

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    Science Channel showed last night a documentary called "Black Sky" that was a 2 hour behind the scenes look at the operations at Scaled Composities and a short history of Burt Rutan. They have footage of the construction of the carrier plane White Knight and the test flights of Space Ship One.

    According to a commercial, it is playing this Thursday October 7 at 9pm EST.

    According to a commercial this morning during live coverage of the 2nd attempt in 2 weeks the "Black Sky" documentary is playing Tuesday October 12 at 8pm EST followed by program called "Victory" at 10pm EST which is a condensed version of today's live coverage.

    Those interested may want to set their recording devices of choice. :wink:


    P.S. If you visit the science channel website, its pretty much top news right now and according to the website "Black Sky" is also on October 10 at 4pm EST on the Discovery Channel.

    http://science.discovery.com/convergence/raceforspace/raceforspace.html [Broken]

    http://dsc.discovery.com/schedule/episode.jsp?episode=0&cpi=24963&gid=0&channel=DSC [Broken]
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