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Black smoke

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    I fly model jets that utilize miniature gas turbine engines. If one wishes to introduce a smoke system, A smoke oil tank is installed on board, The smoke oil fluid is then pumped from the tank to a spray nozzle located at the exhaust outlet of the turbine (thrust nozzle). The smoke oil is then introduced to a 1200+ Degree stream of exhaust gas from the turbine and reacts to form a very dense white smoke trail.

    I am interested in making a "black" smoke trail. What could be used to yield this result?

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    Hmmmm. The white smoke is just small droplets of the oil dispersed by the high temperature of the exhaust. Black smoke would either require the partial combustion of something (preferably something containing an aromatic group) or the dispersal of a black pigment such as carbon black or a metal sulfide. A rich mixture of something like diesel could produce a black smoke as well.
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