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Blackboards or Whiteboards?

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    Which do you guys prefer, and why? I like blackboards, as I find dry-erase markers tend to run out of ink rather quickly.
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    I find them both nasty if I have to use them for long periods of time, but if I have to choose one, then whiteboards are the lesser evil. Chalk powder flying all over the place is just :yuck:
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    Whiteboards at home, Black at school. Chalk dust gets too messy to use blackboards at home.
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    Why no option for Smartboards?
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    EDIT: Holy Crud!! Well, they cost thousands of dollars to begin with! You need hardware and software. :eek:
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    I prefer whiteboards. The colors are more vibrant and dots are easier to draw. I don't like having to uncap them but it is a small cost for what is gained.
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    I'm a whiteboard fan and use one at home. I can't imagine using a chalkboard at home. All the dust would kill me. At college, blackboards are okay for short periods.
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    All you need is a magic drawing board:
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    I prefer whiteboards. The markers smell funny. But the smell is not the point, the point is that I write more beautifully there than in chalkboards. By the way, where I come from I've never seen blackboards. They are green here.
    Ha!.... Hahaha. You are funny. Your avatar image is funny too, I like it.
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    Vanadium 50

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    You can get markers with fruit smells. Sort of. "Apple" is more like "really bad appletini".
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    Well if it were't for chalk dust, blackboards all the way. I love the feeling of writing on them, and simplicity of white on black, no extra colors, and the nice even thickeness of the line... can't beat it.
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    If you are left handed like me, your hand often drags over what you just wrote. On whiteboards that smears the text, blackens my hand and makes the text near impossible to read. The only remedy for me is write one letter, wait a minute for the ink to dry, then write the next letter. Drives students crazy.

    Chalk boards smear less.

    I'm an old fart so I can tell you I had the same problem in elementary school when we wrote with a pen dipped in an ink well. My left hand was ink colored every day. I amused myself by dunking the hair of the girl in front of me in the ink.
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    I've used blackboards at home for quite some time without running into any dust problems (I install them near windows). I find the smell of dry erase markers disturbing, even the scented ones.
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    You cannot do that on a whiteboard! :biggrin: Still a fan of whiteboards though.
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    Seriously, though, I prefer whiteboards in principle. I hate the dust and the awful scratching noises of a chalkboard.

    That said, I've been disappointed by markers many, many times.
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    When I lived in Taiwan, the boards in our classrooms were green as well, but we still referred them as blackboard (黑板).
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    Dr Transport

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    The school system spent thousands and thousands of dollars outfitting every classroom with smartboards, i find them annoying, just another way to shove more information down a kids throat without learning the material. Of course, I work for a multibillion dollar corporation, we don't have smartboards, finally converted over to whiteboards in the last few years, I carry my chalk board from area to are when I move projects.

    The arguement is that they enhance learning, we did just fine in the '70's and '80's with chalk, maybe if you were lucky, the teachers had a couple of colors.....
  19. Sep 5, 2014 #18


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    Whiteboards, then blackboards.

    Smartboards? Absolutely not.
  20. Sep 5, 2014 #19
    Blackboard by far. I don't think I have ever seen a whiteboard without stuff permanently written on it.
  21. Sep 5, 2014 #20
    How the hell is he doing that? All through my school days, including college, it was blackboards, and not one of my teachers ever did anything like this.

    I notice the dots get further and further apart the longer the line. I wonder if that's y=x2 at work, a kind of dampened bouncing.
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