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Blackbody radiation and stefans constant

  1. Apr 30, 2005 #1
    What is the rate of energy radiation per unit area of a blackbody at a temperature of 260K ?

    Where's the tricky part in this question?

    Surely the answer to this question can't be just

    stefans constant * T^4

    ie. 5.67x10^-8 * 260^4 = 259.105 W/m^2
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    Not every problem is tricky. The hard work was done to derive the constant. If you had been asked to that, it would be a whole different thing.
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    That's the question. Nothing else was asked.

    What confuses me is how it says ...per unit area...in the question. So I'm thinking maybe they want some other number, I'm not sure
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    What's the definition of Stefan-Boltzmann's constant...?

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