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Blackhole article on cnn

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    In this article, in couple of places they mention about space moving faster than light. It's incorrect, right?

    (from the article)
    Hamilton also described them as places where space is falling faster than light.
    Once you pass the horizon -- or go over Niagara Falls, in the waterfall analogy -- you would be falling faster than the speed of light toward the black hole's center -- called a singularity -- and feeling the effects, Hamilton said.
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    This assertion is almost meaningless. What is meant by "space falling"?

    No one knows what happens inside a black hole - the assertion has no basis in any theory.
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    The article appears to be referring to Hamilton's river model-

    'The river model of black holes'
    Andrew J. S. Hamilton, Jason P. Lisle
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    The relative size and state and dimension of Niagara Black Hole Mass Falls is grossly inaccurate.
    Place an electromagnetic barrier out from across lip of Niagara Falls.

    “Mass sucks” is tighter fit.
    Consider poor rubber ducky lost down black hole drain in verse fluent vortex.
    The speed of vortex by black hole drain exceeds even speed by ducky waves.


    Please forgive.
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