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I Blackhole creation at near light speed?

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    Yesterday, I attended the following presentation by Prof. Andrea Ghez.


    In the Q&A session towards the end, there was a question she fumbled to give a proper answer.

    She mentioned that as long as the mass is compressed into within the Schwarzschild radius, any mass could turn into a black hole.
    She gave the exact presentation as in .
    See between 8:10-9:00.

    The question from the audience was, if an object travels at near speed of light, the mass increases, volume reduces. So, will a near light moving object create a black hole?

    says the relativistic mass does have gravity.
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    And this, boys and girls, is why we no longer use the concept of "relativistic mass".

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    First of all, any attempt at trying to deal with a black hole mixing concepts of special relativity and "mass based" gravity is doomed. Black holes cannot be described in the flat spacetime of SR, nor is mass the source of spacetime curvature in GR - the stress energy tensor is.

    Second, as already mentioned, relativistic mass has been the cause of probably almost as many misunderstandings of SR as the relativity of simultaneity. It is also an archaic concept that is not really used by practicing physicists.
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