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Blackhole Creation in the Colliders

  1. Jul 2, 2004 #1
    The biggest gap of them all and it is found in the most unlikely place?


    With Marcus's introduction to Words of Stephen Hawking and "predictions" what might we find from such a talk? We know well this could all be dismissed very easily when the time comes?

    If JPierre can ask such a question then where should we focus if not in blackholes for consideration?

    What shall the complexity of this information look like if we do not consider some of the philosphical considerations. Where such theoretical plateaus have developed from strings and LQG. How much more straight forward can we become if we do not consider the complexity of the large and small?

    Many cal it speculation. No dimension at all? Maybe call it something else?

    So here we are talking about information and we have this gap in our thinking, and for me hidden dimension seems relevant if you do not know what exists in a certain place? Can't describe it, yet have formulated a mathematical structure that exceeds the minds of the majority of this planet.

    You can see how you could be pulled in two ways. From a energy standpoint to a cosmological one. It just seemed appropriate at such energy levels that if you lack the ability in the high energy area that you move it to another place for consideration?
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    You must admit it is tantalizing realization to see how such information could have revealled something very important about the bastion of current thought in blackhole progeny.

    Its disciples will have been quickly revealled? :smile:

    There has to be certain benefits of non specific affiliations and mecenarial tendencies to be flexible on the battle fronts? I may have over dramatize it a bit :rofl:
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    Sol, the No Hair Theorem(blackhole-information-paradox) has been debated for a number of years, if you recall some of our 'other-forum' discussions dealt with a number of issues that relate to the said problem?

    Now it seems that Hawking has resolved the paradox by introducing a 'information-two-way-highway' (Rings a bell! :smile:), the Gravitational Wave detection has to be relational to the 'mode' of Blackholes, thus we should be looking for a THREE-WAY signal!..not isolated or singular quantified Waves.

    Its my belief that a Quantum Efficiency 'Wave' will optimize a transitional signal, this will have the same structural make-up as Quark-Condensate, for obvios reasons:Mass, Electrical Charge and Angular Momentum.

    Mini/Micro Blackholes will emit 'matter-information', and some have advocated that there must be some remnant information, well how did Electrons end up around atoms?..were they 'Emmited' from a Quark Condensate..are Quarks Micro Blackholes?? :biggrin: are Electrons remnants of Blackhole Evaporation?..where did all the Anti-Electrons go?..Event Horizon=Timetrap?

    The pure Quantum State needed for Quantum Gravity seems to be pointing in the direction of Blackhole Entropy = Thermal/Time/Phase/Entanglement close to Blackhole Horizons, where there exists Three Singularities :smile:

    Tri-Coupled-States or Three Dimensional Wavefunctions that have a good correspondance with the Holographic Principle, its better to have three quantites(MEASUREMENTS) when projecting into a 2-D plane?
    You heard it here first.

    One Observer is better than None..Two Observers are better than one..Three Observers are better than Two!..Four Observers will disagree because of thier Symmetry :rolleyes:
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    Yes I seen Lubos make a reference the other day to methods of combing a sphere:) As well as our earlier conversations

    I will have to think about this some. From a interactive valuation of the photon, thegrvaiton might have spoken to this realization of yours , why I had mentioned it in cojunction with your discriptions. The dimensional aspect might be unsettling to a defined method of Euclidean perspective, but it really does make sense one you look at it closer. Dimension=Graviton

    Definitely interesting perspective. I had not forgotten your discription to me on Galaxy formations.
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    Now that I have dropped out of Uni, I am going to push myself to get my act together!..I am going to dig out Hawking Paper I have somewhere here in my vault which deals with what I think Hawking is going to put forward at the Conference(only 1 hr away from where I live..wish I had a sponser I would love to hear and be there!). anyway the Time component for BH information was , I am trying to recall the paper from some time ago?, I believe a Static Solution , produced by the Inner and Outer shells of BH horizons?..will be back after I dig out some paperwork.
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