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Blackhole Information Paradox

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    May be absorbing 3-D information, but they can only emit 2-D information.

    According to Hawkings recent expose on 'Information Paradox', the result conforms to the reality that Blackholes at all Galactic cores are really Nature's Parametric Low Energy Dimensional Down-Converters.

    For every 3-D bit (three 'lengths' of anything: E = mc^2 ) of infalling information absorbed into the Horizon of a BH, only 'two-bits/lengths' are returned away from the Horizon.

    The 2-D vacuum of space consists of expanding 'Lengths/bits'.

    The initial state of Quantum Origin, 'pure state', has a definate paramiter and evolves along a path integral that maintains its state, ie remains forever a pure state, according to accepted Quantum Theory.

    But Hawking Radiation equates to the Pure state 'flipping' from a pure state to a mixed state, what I term as a Quantum Flip! as opposed to a Quantum Jump?

    The difference being the Photon-Electron interaction occurs in Spacetime 3+1 Dimensions, a photon of hv energy remains so before and after interactions.

    But a photon of hv energy falling into a BH does not retain its hv value, at least 1/3 of its energy remains behind (enclosed) within the Blackhole, thus the photon is re-scaled to a low-energy/lesser-dimensional physical quantity.

    One can almost state that photons are 'entangled' to the Electromagnetic Vacuum, by the slowed down enviroment of Blackhole Horizons, which would make Blackholes High-energy thermal absorbers, and Low-energy thermal Emmiters, simply because of the 3-D directional rate known as Entropy :rolleyes:

    Next question is can Gravitational Waves be 'fixed' into the location of a 1-D background, or conversely is Gravity the Pure-Vacuum SINGULAR state?
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    Can we stretch our imagination both sides of the 3D domain?

    Between 0D and 1D the force is gravity. Between 1D and 2D the force is the nuclear strong force. Between 2D and 3D the force is electromagnetic. Between 3D and 4D the force is the weak nuclear force.

    The 1D universe is ruled by quanta of spacetime. The 2D universe is ruled by a continuous field of 2D space. The 3D universe is ruled by quanta of energy. The 4D universe is ruled by quanta of mass.
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    It may be that Blackholes absorb Photon-Energy, but actually Emit Light at a reduced frequency, so much so that it becomes Invisible at close quarters, Dark.

    The Luminocity function for observing far away Galaxies shows that all Galaxies have a Halo of invisible Matter, this should not be detectable at close range, for instance we cannot detect the Dark Matter within the Milky way because of our Proximity.
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