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I Blackhole internal space

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    Do blackholes have an internal space? Consider the diagram. Inside the negative space, a "bubble" of sealed space, matter is free to move.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109630018/temp/phys/blackholein.jpg [Broken]
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    Are you familiar with the Schwarzschild black hole from General Relativity? I recommend you start there. At PF we do not discuss speculative proposals.
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    The effect of a gravity source on space curvature is proportional to sqrt(d) where d is the distance, so if d is negative (internal) space, does it become a complex number and get another dimension? How come nobody's thought of it?
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    Where are you getting this from?
    There's no such thing as internal space, and the sign of the spatial coordinate is arbitrary: I can always "re-zero" my ruler so that all distances are positive.
    What do complex numbers have to do with extra dimensions?
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    Personal theories cannot be discussed on PF.

    Thread locked.
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