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BlackHoles- Things CAN get free

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    BlackHoles--- Things CAN get free

    http://dsc.discovery.com/news/afp/20040712/blackhole.html [Broken]

    talk about a new discovery

    does this have any other implications on any other theories?
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    Do you mean besides quantum physics and the principle of conservation of mass and energy? Might this have some implications on how general relativity is viewed, seeing as how black holes were seen as a paradox or hole in the spacetime continuum? I'm not so sure, but I do remember a quote made by Hawking about God not only rolling dice, but also hiding them. They may not be so hidden after all...
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    Quote from article:
    "It's possible that what he presented in the seminar is a solution," Gibbons said. "But I think you have to say the jury is still out."

    Let's see what he has for us.
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    It should be interesting... Somebody will probably have to explain it in plain English for me, though.
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    amazing, this is great work
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