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Blades of Grass

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    A blade of grass in a field compared to a blade of grass in another field. Both are completely similar, possibly even the same structure and everything, but it's still not the same blade of grass, why? It's origin, it's motion in the universe is completely original, Perfectly original.

    This is a peice of my paper, "Theories of Reality". Belief, Love, and Truth to me compose the most important, genuine thoughts that could possibly determine, eventually, a neutral perspective on the real reality. Undistorted by impression and knowledge, a neutral perspective would be like seeing things from clean eyes, a baby's eyes. Is the moon there when no one sees it? Nothing indicates that it was moved, a priori.
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    Eventful lives

    Humans take for granted too many things. In a neutral perspective our fulfillment of love is almost negative, stopping us from fully appreciating the unseen that we all hold, such as good memories. If someone were free from impression, say a newborn baby's eyes, but somehow understood what was going on, wouldn't that person see how orderly disorder is? Could they see that the events in our lives are far too well planned to be random?
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