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Blah, rechargable batteries!

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    So I just realized that one o fmy batteries that I use for my wireless keyboard is discharging far faster then the other ones. I use a set of 4 for my wireless keyboard and use this sweet 15 minute battery charger I got from radio shack a long time ago. This one battery though, it just discharges a hell of a lot faster then the other ones. Anyone know of any home grown remedies? Do I put it out in a lightning storm and hope it gets struck? Something cool like that? :(
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    Alright I know how to remedy this.
    1. Go to keyboard
    2. open keyboard
    3. take batteries out of keyboard
    4. walk to nearest trash disposal unit
    5. open nearest trash disposal unit
    6. throw batteries in trash disposal unit
    7. go outside
    8. get in car
    9. drive to store
    10. buy new batteries
    11. come home
    12. put new batteries in keyboard
    13. type about experience
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    maybe your 15 min supercharger slowly kills any battery with the slightest defect?
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    So you're sure it's the same battery? Or could it be which ever battery happens to be installed in a particular spot in your keyboard?
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    I'm stuck on this step. I don't want to.

    I markedthe one that seems to be discharging way faster then usual. Unless i accidently put the same one in the same spot (even though they're in series...), I don't think thats the problem.

    I really don't want to replace these becausethey're super cool 15 minute rechargable batteries and i dont think radio shack sells them anymore.
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    I would test it after charging, before you put it in the keyboard, to make sure it actually charged.
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    Batteries are toxic waste. You do not dump toxic waste to a thrash disposal unit.

    And you want to minimize toxic waste, so you do everything to lengthen the life of your batteries.
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    Buy non-wireless keyboard. Problem fixed.
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    Ok fine. Throw the batteries in the woods.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The batteries are normally run in series, which means they should discharge at equal rates unless one is defective.
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    Sigh... Pengwuino 0, Derailed threads 1.

    I wonder why they stopped selling these 15 minute rechargable batteries. They were so awesome for so long. SADFACE :(
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    OK---what's the make and model number of your battery?
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    Radioshack 1.2V 2Ah Ni-Mh AA batteries, I believe the model is 23-531.

    One thing I don't really understand is why theres a few models of batteries and chargers that are like 10-15 minute rechargers, but most seem to be 10-20 hour chargers.
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    Hmmm, I wonder who actually makes those. Radio Shack was never known for selling quality stuff. How long did the batteries last before you had this problem?

    It does sound like you have one defective battery. The quick fix is to replace it, though if the other batteries are fairly old then it's best to replace all 4.

    I would be tempted to buy a name brand (eg. Energizer or Duracell), get a 1-hour charger, and have 2 sets of batteries.
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    I laughed out loud at this one.
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    Not all them, not any more than the OP's keyboard.
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