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Blast from the Past

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    I recently stumbled across this, an old 1950's commercial for the Remington Univac mainframe. I think it's nice to look back on such things and marvel at how far computing has come since then.

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    Cool. Thanks for sharing. I love the old computer stuff. One of my favorite books is Hackers by Steven Levy. It starts out way back at MIT ....
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    Those old commercials are great. Thanks for posting that!
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    I like when the hosts of the shows did the commercials themselves.
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    Yes, they were so different from the commercials of today. Many commercials now are a form of entertainment, I watch some and afterwards could not tell you what the product was.
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    Due to my DVR, I hardly ever see a commercial anymore. I miss out on a lot of movie previews. Movies are all that I watch. And the Pittsburgh Penguins. I have given up on regular TV.
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    Speaking of movies, when I first noticed the title of this thread I thought it was in connection with the move "A Blast From The Past".

    Thanks for posting aquitaine. Those old commercials take me back to my early childhood years. However, that one predates me by just a little.
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    jim hardy

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    What a great movie ! Christopher Walken had the engineer Dad just nailed.

    I well remember that night JFK came on TV about the missiles in Cuba.
    My family lived in Miami, we kids were astounded by the trainloads of troops and tanks in the FEC rail yard. We rode our bikes out to talk to the soldiers.

    Scary time.
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    You're welcome. I sometimes find myself having a flare for old school tech and enjoy watching old videos about it like this.
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