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Blast waves in a room

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    No i dont want to blow up anything, just wonder about story possibilities, solely for writing.
    Lets suppose that dozen stun grenades blows in a room, that is at least 10m long, 5m wide, 4m tall, with a large machine(generator) in the middle, the majority of the grenades not so far from the entry door.
    What would someone at the other end of the room, behind the machine, experience?
    While no shrapnels could hit him, but blast waves reflects from the walls, and stun greandes operates with blast waves. Could the sizes of the room be enough protection, or it would be similar to standing next to a detonating grenade?
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    In this case, the walls didnt stand, so no reflected waves, although it is still useful, that some wood was enough to protect from worst of the blast.
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    In that case there was over a kilo of plastic explosive in the room. GTOM is talking about multiple (for some reason) stun grenades. Their explosive power is a lot lower.
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    Attackers are a police force they dont wield HE usually. Although probably escapees blow their own bomb near to the entryway when they break in.
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    The casing of modern stun grenades doesn't fragment when the grenade explodes. The blast is mostly contained within the casing, and holes are cut out of the casing so that sound and light from the explosion can escape. So anyone in the room but out of LOS will still experience a deafening sound and may be blinded for several seconds depending on how well the walls reflect the light, how cluttered the room is, and a number of other details.
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