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BLDC generator output current

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    I'm using the following BLDC motor as part of a project to generate power:


    I'm able to spin this motor to about 3000 RPMS which gives me about 5 Volts. This is to be expected given that the motor is rated at 550 KVs. I'm using a three-phase rectifier with a smoothing cap to convert this to DC power. What I don't understand is the current produced. I'm getting about 33mA which is to low for my application. Essentially I would like to spin a small PC fan with this power. I'm able to do it but at a very low speed given that there isn't enough current flowing from the generator. What I would like to understand is why there is so little current flowing at those RPMS. I would at least expect it to be 100mA or 200mA, but this is just speculation on my part. Apologies for my noobness. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    PC fans are generally 12V devices. And don't forget the 0.7Volt drop across each of the diodes. Also if you are using a half wave rectifier, the generator should be Wye connected. The motor you are using is Delta connected, so a full wave bridge is indicated.
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