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BLDC motor selection

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    We are designing an electric tricycle having rear wheel drive(26 inches wheel dia).It will weigh around 400kgs including drivers.

    There are constraints for motor output power(max 400 watts) and voltage(max 48v).
    What are the calculations to be done for the selection of motor.
    The desired speed of the vehicle is 0 to 4m/s in 20 seconds.

    How can I calculate the speed of the vehicle for hill climbing(max 7degree gradient)?

    Thanks in advance
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    Calculate the change in energy for the given mass going from Vi to Vf in the time allowed.

    Can the motor do this much work in this period of time? Does it deliver sufficient power?

    On a given gradient at a given speed, the vehicle will be increasing in potential energy at a rate of (m g delta h)/(delta t).

    Use this to figure out its max rate of climb with a motor delivering a given power.
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