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Bldc motor

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    Hi to everyone :-) i'm new to this forum.
    I'm an engineer working in a core field. I need to design brush less dc motor of 30 W power, Inout voltage-13.5 V. I'm struck in winding design . Could anyone help?
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    Hi manjula88,

    Here is a link that I think will give you everything you need, go to, "electric motor design and construction", within those threads you will find at least 3 people that have advanced the development of three phase brush-less motors to the point that, brush-less electric power is the most common first choice.
    You might become a member to better gain access to the full features of the site.

    Pictures and detailed explanations for what you are asking.


    Hope this helps you.


    P.S. Welcome to PF
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    tahnks RON ll look in to the link and come back to you :-)
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    hi RON, couldn't get "electric motor design and construction" this thread. :-(
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    I'm not sure why, maybe there is some filter that blocks the site ?

    This is direct to the section on electric motor design.


    If you can't open it, someone else will need to assist.

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