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Bleaching solution + metal

  1. Apr 2, 2003 #1
    I would like to ask what will happen if I dip a piece of metal like aluminium into bleaching solution, which contains hyprochlorite ions?
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    Simple enough to find out, no?
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    few days ago in newspaper, it said that we should avoid household bleach in contact with metal. I don't know why though. I think i shan't do experiments like this at home. I guess poisounous gas like chlorine gas may produce but I'm not sure.
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    it has metal in it, should it avoid itself?
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    I'm refering to metals, not metal ions.
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    Did it say what kind of metal? I would think it depends on what kind of bleaching solution you have and what kind of metal you put in it.
    It's probably wise not to try it at home without finding out more.
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    It didn't mention what kind of metal shouldn't be put in household bleach, so I guess it refers to any kind of metal, at least the reactive ones like aluminium. According to my textbook, the active ingredient in household bleach is hyprochlorite ion,OCl-

    hyprochlorite ion + metal (for example Aluminium)
    OCl- + Al

    (metals are strong reducing agents and they tends to loss electrons)

    3OCl- + Al ------> Al(OCl)3 + 3e- ??
    not a disastrous reaction!

    I start to think in another direction. Is it because household bleach can damage metals and their structure, like damaging window frames?
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