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Blind people dreams

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    We were discussing Ray Charles' death and the topic of blindness came up, specifically, whether it's better to be blind from birth or become blind later in life.

    My friend said, "I wonder if people blind from birth see things in their dreams?"

    So that is my question. Anyone know?
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    How can they see in their dreams when they've never experienced sight before?

    In a Psychology class, I studied dreams, and we learned that some people in dreams, have spoken a fluent language (that they've never learned). Of course, they've likely heard the language before. Blind people from birth have never seen.

    http://www.rommes.org/blind/dreams.html [Broken]
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    Thank you for the link. First hand description, such as that from Helen Keller in the link was really what I was hoping for with this question. I found her description of her early dreams very interesting.
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    Blind people's dreams

    This is a relativly common question one of which I too once asked on the internet. I was told that people who are blind (from birth) have dreams of sounds and touch or feelings of vibration. They do not however have dreams with visual images
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