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Homework Help: Block diagram in simulink

  1. Sep 1, 2011 #1
    1. I am working on a project to achieve maximum power output from a motor using the MEPT (MAximum Energy Power Point) algorithm for a small scale compressed air energy storage system. In the equation to attain efficiency, I am using simulink. I am not able to form the equation for this part in the block diagram for simulink.

    1. How to make this equation (Pi/Po)^(gamma-1/gamma) in block diagram in simulink?
    2. how to make the equation 10^(c1N^2+ c2N+ c3) in block diagram in simulink?

    I tried to make this in matlab and simulink by making the block diagram for (c1N^2+ c2N+ c3) and then took the e^u block and input that whole (c1N^2+ c2N+ c3) in it. then in options for the block I changed it into 10^u. So does the output of my block mean 10^(c1N^2+ c2N+ c3)?? Will the input value replace the u in the block?
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