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Block Time

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    Imagine viewing the world from state X at 1 pm, and viewing the world from state Y at 2 pm. State Y is required to be in existence in principle at the viewing of state Y, and at state X equally. This is because neither is more valid of a state to view the world from. Neither can claim it is more valid or true at their own unique particular locations, as we must apply the identical logic to the other location that is not observed at that particular time. So, physically only state X exists when I am viewing the world from state X, but in principle, state Y must fully exist as well, while viewing the world from state X. Therefore, if we extrapolate this to the larger world, and all times and locations, then in principle, all states are equally existing at all times. The future is an illusion, as it is a logically valid and completely physical present state in principle, regardless of where I view the world from. Objectively, the location from where I observe the world is irrelevant.
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    i maybe understand what your saying. i can only say that the future began in 1992. but all jokes aside / start analogy: a microwave has 10 discrete inputs (including zero) to get to a destination (duration) OR there is a instant increment 30 second button (WAVE). so the discrete inputs (0-9) are PARTICLE. for your X to Y lets says it a 2 minute sprint. you could say you discretely obtained that distance. but now lets make it a 2 hour plane ride. you get from x to y in increments through the ENERGY you obtained through the VESSEL / ENGINE / so forth. at this point you WAVE AND PARTICLE have matched : 2hours through dicrete particles is 4 inputs. 2 hours through WAVE is 4 inputs . NOW in terms of equally existing at all times or that the future is a illusion. lets say we are not going 2 minute sprint or two hour plane ride BUT 2 light year distance/duration : it would now be easier for me to be a particle than a wave. as i would forever press the 30 minute increment. but with particle ( discrete inputs) i can reach with much ease. end analogy?

    i dont know but i think there is some sort of HAND OFF between particle and wave that is the RIDDLE as to why the future is a illusion and or that we are self aware there is one.

    p.s. i could just be an idiot
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    At the Planck (quantum) scale, fluctions occur so rapidly, and in such small discrete units of time, that predicting anything with any certainty based on the status at T=X is difficult. The degree to which we can predict things depends on the scale of the prediction. For example, we can predict where the Earth will be a year from now, but even with the absolute best supercomputers crunching all known data for an entire year, they'll still be somewhat off.

    As for next week's weather... !

    Still, what we can do with some certainty is predict things around chaotic locii. I know that one year from now it'll be shorts and t-shirt weather, but not every day. Just most. I also know that next June I will not require my heavy winter jacket walking to and from the car. Planetary orbits are similar, and indeed, we now know they're self-stabilizing in a harmonic fashion which keeps things humming along in our solar system in a fairly regular order.

    As for next week's weather, no one can predict whether with any certainty that it'll be rainy or sunny.

    So, for that, I'll simply have to wait until T=Y, and T=X and T=Y are not the same thing due to random quantum fluctuation, especially when it comes to the weather.
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