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Block time

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    What is the current physics consensus of the block universe?

    I know its what Einsteins theory tells us and comes with relativity, Deutsch believes in a quantum many world block universe, but Rovelli and Dieks argue against block time?

    Is block time still the main accepted theory of time we have....
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    Relativity is certainly consistent with the "block universe" view, but I don't think it *requires* that view. Relativity uses 4-dimensional spacetime as a model for making physical predictions; to the extent that there is a "consensus", I would say it's about that, not about any additional philosophical or metaphysical claims concerning the "block universe".

    Also, as you point out, we know that relativity by itself, i.e., classical SR and GR, can't be a complete theory because it's not quantum mechanical, and there is certainly no consensus about the philosophical or metaphysical implications of quantum mechanics.
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