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Blocked threads appeal process

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    Before a thread is blocked, there should be some discussion with the member posting the thread to determine the seriousness and purpose of the thread. Otherwise we're on a slippery slope to censorship where one 'gatekeeper' can decide if a topic gets to be considered by the community. Let the community decide! If the topic is of no interest and has no merit, the topic just get no response! What's the harm to that? No topic should be blocked from the community without a reasoned refutation of its claims. No scientific Truth has ever been discovered by the application of Power! In an academic/scientific community Power must be curtailed while Reason must reign supreme! Is there an "appeal process" for blocked threads?
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    Please read our guidelines about posting personal theories. As long as you follow the guidelines for posting here, you will have no issues. If you have a question about a warning for violating the guidelines, the proper procedure, as outlined in the guidelines, is to contact the mentor that sent you the warning first. If the mentor does not respond, or if you are not satisfied that the reasons for the action fall within the guidelines, then you can contact other mentors for a review.
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