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Blocking signals in my house

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    Hi everyone

    I have been in declining health since 1994. I was reading a newspaper about the smart meters BC Hydro is trying to force on us. The outright lies told about these smart meters and the real footprint they create, strong enough to kill rose bushes. Worse still, apartments will have up to 6 smart meters installed side by side.

    I wonder if Wi-Fi and cordless phones has been causing my sleeplessness over all these years.

    I was wondering if I can block signals in my house. Most importantly, the bedroom. I figure I need to shield from GHz range signals, maybe 1 to 100 GHz.

    I still have to learn more, maybe someone on here knows more about this topic.
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    Welcome to physics forums, I'm not sure where you are getting your information but it is highly suspect. Especially the part about killing rose bushes! This subject has been discussed before;

    Hopefully some of the links here can help you. Also there has been extensive research into the effect of wireless electronic devices over the years by a myriad of independent entities (from governments, corporations, universities, health services etc) and there is no clear evidence of adverse health effects.

    I am sorry to hear about your health conditions (please note however that this site strictly does not give medical diagnosis), I'm sure you have already but I advise you to see a doctor and persist until you have a diagnosis and treatment.
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    Mobile phones work in lifts (elevators as you say over the pond). It's unlikely that you could make your bedroom more shielded than that. However, I am sure someone will be willing to offer to try, for a price. Probably the same person than spreads fear around the internet about the "dangers".
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