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Homework Help: Blocks moving

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    In the attached figure, block A of mass 2.0kg slides on a horizontal frictionless table with velocity of 3.0m/s and collides with block B of mass 3.0kg initially at rest on the edge of the table. Block B moves with a horizontal velocity of 2.4m/s, just after the collision.

    (a) Use conversation of momentum to find the velocity of Block A, after the collision
    (b) Is the collision elastic? (Hint: Verify K.E. of the block before & after collision)
    (c) What is the kinetic energy of block B, just before it strikes the floor 0.40m below the table's surface? (Hint use conservation of M.E.)

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    At least show us the work you've done. If this is taken from a textbook, have a look at the textbook examples. I'm sure there are plenty.
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