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Blocks on turntable

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Doc Al

Aki Yamaguchi said:
1) T - umg = m R1 w^2
2) -T - umg = m R2 w^2
Rewrite these equations properly: Both friction and centripetal acceleration point towards the center, so they must have the same sign. Pick a sign convention: For example, let towards the center be postive, away be negative. (Or vice versa; your choice.)

See what Cyclovenom did in post #22. Follow his lead.

To eliminate T, just add the two equations.
Thank you for your help everyone, I finally figured it out, only I had forgotten to convert my radii to meters, so instead of 14.01 (the correct answer), I kept getting 1.4.

Again though, I REALLY appreciate the help. The definition of angular frequency really helped too.


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