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Blog idea - What Physicists Do - Opinions?

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    I was thinking about creating a blog that would make regular posts about what a particular physicist does. The aim would be to provide a resource that would show how diverse the areas of physics study are, give details on what physics is being done and provide a little insight into what different physicists day-to-day life is like. The success would depend a little on getting some help from the people actually doing the research.

    Each post would be about the research a particular physicist is doing. It would contain background information on the area of research, a little information on the physicist, a description of what their contribution is meant to be to the field and (hopefully) a little insight into what it is like doing what they do.

    My imagined audience are those who are interested in physics as well as those who are considering getting an education in physics. It would be meant to provide them with an idea of what the field is like and maybe even give people an idea of what graduate areas of research they might want to go into.

    Does such a thing already exist? Do you think it has any value?

    Thanks for your time
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    This sounds like a lovely idea. It needn't be restricted to Physicists either. Perhaps folk in any of the areas covered by this forum could keep others up to date on what they're actually doing. It might be interesting to read up on what everyone else does, but I reckon it would be incredibly useful for school students who are undecided on what they want to do, and perhaps just need some inspiration for career ideas.
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    Physicists job is to write down gibberish on a black board and make other people feel dumb.
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    Where do I sign up??!
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