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Blog problem

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    I have an extreme difficulty to go in my blog. When I click on "Blogs" in the upper left and I find my blog (or any other blog) and I want to enter it, the page will start to load but never finish. Unless I click on the name of the blogger. By doing this I can see only one entry, no comment nor other entries.
    For instance I can see that I have a comment in my blog, but I can't see it. I don't even know who posted it.
    I've also set my option to receive an instant notification in my mail box if I was going to get a comment in my blog, but I didn't received any mail until now. (and yes, I did check out the spam folder in my mail box).
    I usually go here with Firefox, but I have the same problem with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
    My question is : am I the only one?
    Edit: Nevermind about the notification, it seems I didn't check the case in the blog control panel.
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    Sorry to bump thread, but does someone experience the same problems? I still can't enter my blog correctly and I never seen the comment I received.
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    I can see both my blog and yours okay. Haven't noticed any problems.
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    Thanks for the information. I was going to say it is a problem about my IP adress or something, but I just tried and it worked (for the first time!!!). So the problem is solved, at least for now.
    Edit : The problem reappeared. Now I can't visit any blog. I have no idea what the problem is.
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