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Blood Drinking

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    If a person ever drinks blood, what nutrients and stuff from drinking that blood would be absorbed into their bloodstream?
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    I advise you take a sunbath; it'll do you good. :smile:
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    =] what he said
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    K but a scientific question:

    How much blood can you drink (approx) before you vomit? a shotglass or so?
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    Can you drink just the part that's about 90% water and proteins and nutrients? How much of that can you drink?
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    I would expect that some people would be able to drink more blood than others without vomiting. Some people might not vomit at all. There's nothing really physiologically wrong with blood as a food -- the thought of it is repulsive to many people, though.

    - Warren
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    In Africa certain tribes drink blood straight from the jugular of live cows. It's much more economical than killing a cow every time you want a meal. This way a single cow can serve as a consistent source of protein for the entirety of its life.
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    I thought there was a chemical reason why people vomit if they drink blood (like after oral surgery). Googling "drink blood vomit" just turns up links about drinking alcohol, though....
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    never mind I guess it is digestable
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    The movie, "The Killing Fields" show a character blood-letting on a cow for nutrition while he is imprisoned.
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    A good point, but remember not to use Hollywood as evidence when determining if a man can fly
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    You'd vomit after drinking "enough" blood due to iron poisoning. How much is enough? Well, that depends. How much alcohol do you have to drink to get as drunk as your friend? It all depends on how well your body handles it.
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    This thread looks pretty done.
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