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Medical Blood Storage Protocol

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    Oh dear.

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    The longer red cells are stored the more potassium (and everything else you find inside a red cell) will leak out of the cell and accumulate in the plasma or additive solution they are stored in. This puts you at risk for an immediate non hemolytic transfusion reaction, in this case due to potassium toxicity. This is a huge thing for newborns, they are so senstitive to this that only fresh units can be used in their case.

    Plus red cells only have a lifespan of 120 days in the body, this is less when it is in a bag (depending on storage methods this can be prolonged). The longer you wait to transfuse the cells the more the cell membranes will lose integrity, increasing the chance that you will be transfusing hemolyzed cells into the patient, which feeds back to the risk of red cell components leaking out.
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