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  1. Dear friends

    I would like to know what is the normal temperature of human blood flow through coronary artery?

    What is the temperature of the blood when the person suffering from very high feverish condition?


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  3. Dear friend

    What is temperature of the blood when the person is suffering from very high fever.

    What is specific heat capacity of the blood? is it constant pressure or constant volume?
    Please clarify

    Thanks in advance


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    Normal body temperature is 37°. Anything more than a degree above that is dangerous for an adult. Children regularly hit 40° without distress (I hit close to 42° with scarlet fever, but the lower measure applied during my bouts with red measles, german measles, mumps on the left, mumps on the right, chicken pox, and several varieties of influenza.) The last instance of that was in 1964.
    I don't have a clue as to what you mean about "heat capacity" of blood. That is not a medical term that I've ever heard of. Do you mean when it boils, or when the oxygen bonded to the haemoglobin decides to seek a new home, or what....?

    edit: That was wrong. I just remembered that I caught the "right mumps" in '66. My mother warned me, as she had during my to-do with the left mumps, that I would be rendered sterile if I tried to get out of bed. If any of you have a mother like that, ignore her.
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    The specific heat capacity of blood is similar to water, about 4J/(gK). In fact, treating the whole body as a big blob of water is a good approximation - with 80kg, this corresponds to about 320kJ/K.
    The human body is roughly at constant pressure, but that is not relevant here.
  6. Actually blood temperature is a couple degrees celsius warmer, so not the typical 37 C. It varies from 2 - 3
  7. Dear friend
    What is the value of thermal expansion coefficient of blood

    Thank you

  8. mfb

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    That should be very similar to water, too.
    ~2*10-4/K at 20°C as volume expansion.
  9. Thank you
    very much
    I need some reference material to argue my data

    Thank you

  10. mfb

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    I would be surprised if thermal expansion of blood is relevant anywhere. Temperature differences are below 5K (otherwise they are lethal), so expansion is below 0.1% or ~5ml for 5l of blood.
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