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News Blowback from operation ajax

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    Does it qualify operation ajax to be the biggest gaffe in the history of the US? I think there is little to argue about its major role in setting up anti-Americanism and al Qaeda in the Middle East which has led to the current climate of breeding terrorists today.

    Interesting brief article on the history if you aren't familiar:

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    The article points out that the Soviets only needed to make an investment into oil infrastructure. However, it fails to point out their (prior) significant investment into military. Is it possible they thought a return on their military investment was possible?
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    As al Qaeda is a 100% Sunni muslim operation, the ajax meddling in Shia dominated Iran had absolutely nothing to do with forming al Qaeda. Iran was also quite happy to see the US and NATO squash the al Qaeda harboring Taliban. I can only see one or two valid terrorism-as-a-product argument here: Hezbollah, the Iranian controlled para military group in Lebanon, and Iranian sponsored operations in Iraq.
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    If we were funding Bin Laden in the 70s/80s, we would have picked him up as soon as he went rogue in Sudan. The Sudanese government offered Bin Laden first to Iraq I believe, Iraq turned it down because it would have caused a massive uproar in the general populous. They then offered Bin Laden to the United States because of his Anti-US agenda, but Bill Clinton said that Bin Laden hasn't attacked the US directly in any way so we couldn't do anything about it.
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