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Blower calculation

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    Dear Friends,

    I have power material packing station which is about 1.5 M X 1.5 M X 1.2 M(H) , when i take the material the fly dust is very more and create fatigue to the man. I would like to provide a dust collector bag filter system , So please give me the formula to calculate the blower capacity.
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    I assume “power” material = “powder” material ?

    We need more information.

    Re:1.5 M X 1.5 M X 1.2 M(H).
    Is that a volume that contains the operator?
    Is that enclosed or in an open area?

    Dust control requires that the direction of the airflow be controlled without eddies being formed by the operator that keep dust in the face of the operator.

    What is the dust? It might be possible to use electrostatic dust collection but the dust may be explosive.

    I have handbooks for dust control but cannot yet identify your situation.
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