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Blue is the Color (Chelsea FC)

  1. May 6, 2009 #1
    Sad day for a Chelsea fan.
    Was really looking forward to a rematch in the Champions league final Chelsea V. Manchester United.

    I don't like either team that are through to the final. I guess I'd have to favor Barca now. If they play the same as they have against Chelsea in all fairness i can't see them winning. Man U's defense will just be too tight.

    I hope there are some other football fans out there on Physics Forums, hopefully even some supporters of The Blues!
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    I like Chelsea well enough. In fact I think they outplayed Barca. It was an unfortunate result. Heartbreaking finish. They should have been up 2 nil at the end to have avoided the danger of the last minute goal. I thought there was a clear hand ball against Barca. But I must say I'm not a big fan of Ballack's complaining.

    Unfortunately I like the Red Devils a bit more, and they would have been my pick against the Blues even if Chelsea went through.
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    Yeah. There's a lot to be said for both teams about the calls made by the ref in that match. Chelsea could have had some penalties but in all fairness Barca shouldn't have had Abidal sent off.

    I also dislike Ballack's complaining and more so Drogba's but I like them both as players. I think Drogba can be brilliant when he tries his best but he has a terrible rep for diving and complaining. Tonight was no different.

    Sure the ref made some bad call's but Drogba was just embarrassing after the match. Ref's shouldn't be subject to that sort of hassle.

    The final match could be interesting and I'll watch regardless of the teams playing. Kudos to the winning side.
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    No question that it was heartbreaking coming so close to time. It might have been more interesting if they had scored earlier and Chelsea had a chance to open it back up and score again. But so deflating to have it come when it did.

    Drogba is a strong player and a real force to get off the ball inside the box. Often not pretty, but certainly a real danger.

    Myself I was thinking ManU might actually win an unheard of amount of hardware this year, but after Everton managed to slip through on kicks (no van der Saar) Ferguson was really hamstrung by so many big games so close together. Sad that Janelka who gets the winner goes down for the season the next game. Poor Toffees.
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