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Blue screen

  1. Apr 3, 2004 #1
    My girlfriend's sister called me up for computer help, but I don't know much about computers. So here's the problem:
    She's using XP Professional. Everytime she turns it on she gets a blue screen, Unmountable Boot Volume. Does that mean there is a problem with the hard drive or the information on the hard drive?
    I guess she gets about halfway through the Windows loading process before the screen pops up.
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    When I saw the title I knew right away it's a Windows problem. You know the guy who invented Ctrl+Alt+Del was quoted as saying He invented it, but Bill Gates popularized it. Bill didn't laugh..

    Check this links
    http://www.techtips4u.com/kb/sw/SW00014.htm [Broken]
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    F10 repeatedly on startup to do a system restore. If needed to.
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