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Bluegrass lovers

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    Ivan Seeking

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    A series called Song of the Mountains comes on PBS, after my weekly news shows, on Friday evenings. Considering that I don't generally care for bluegrass, trust me when I say they have some great stuff! I've seen enough to be quite impressed with the caliber of the talent. Normally, when something like this comes on, I quickly change the channel, but I find myself hesitating and wanting to listen.

    If you like bluegrass, you should definitely take a look.
    http://www.songofthemountains.org/broadcastschedule.htm [Broken]
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    I don't particularly care for country myself but some good bluegrass is something I definitely enjoy. Perhaps its the irish influence as I tend to enjoy irish folk as well.
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    about the only popular bluegrass musicians i know of are Alison Crouse and Union Station, but they/she are just superb. bluegrass to me is just so much more emotive than most country. it reminds me a bit of some irish music in that sense, it's very "soulish".
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    And who could not remember and enjoy Man of Constant Sorrow from O' Brother Where Art Thou?

    08e9k-c91E8[/youtube] There were some other good songs on the soundtrack too.
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