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Bluetooth receiver

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    I'm not sure whether to use this:
    Class 1



    Class 2


    I'm planning to use it in an elevator for a senior project and I would like some suggestions or advice on which to choose. The ESD1000 says that an antenna isn't included with or on the chip and it uses v2.0 + EDR. However, the ESD200 chip says that it has an on-board antenna and it uses v1.2. Is it necessary to have the antenna because I know the ESD1000 has the newer version of Bluetooth but the lack of antenna concerns me. Also, why is the ESD1000 cheaper than the ESD200?
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    I've used ESD1000 before without the antenna and it's fine. Depends on how far you want to be able to go with the elevator I suppose, 100 meters or 1,000 meters. Not sure about the price difference, it could be because the antenna is included, or it could be because they just don't make the ESD200 as much anymore. Supply and demand, and all that jazz.

    Edit: Whoops, turns out I used ESD100 before, not 1000 (only off by one logarithmic scale)
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    I see. Thanks for the response. Anyone else have second opinions or more input to add in please?
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    How tall is the elevator shaft? That 30m range advertised for the unit with the PCB antenna is not very far, and may not be all that reliable even at 30m. An elevator shaft would generally call for directional antennas, to maximize your SNR and comm reliability. So the unit with the SMA antenna connector would seem to be the best choice, and you will want to find/make good directional antennas. You could make 3-element Yagis, for example, to get some reasonable gain in the axis of the elevator shaft.
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