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Bluetooth Technology in Remote

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    My knowledge in electronics is limited. In general, the television remote use IR for sending signals. I would like to know if the same signals can be transmitted using bluetooth. If so are there any disadvantages in using bluetooth technology in television remote?

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    Hopefully, a mod will be by to move this to the electrical engineering sub-forum.

    The biggest problem with using Bluetooth in a TV / DVD / sound system / VCR(?) remote is that none of these devices receive Bluetooth signals!

    If you're asking in a more general sense, as in replacing all of these, I'll leave it as an exercise to the Forumer what advantages and disadvantages Bluetooth might bring. Consider the impacts of:
    • directionality,
    • power consumption,
    • the bandwidth / throughput and how much data actually needs to be sent,
    • how much "congestion" there is in the frequency bands of use,
    • how much the receiver / transmitter / transceiver cost (in bulk), and
    • what licensing fees and regulatory bodies apply.
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    I don't see why not. It'll work. The question is why?!!! It is more complicated to use BT as you are dealing with microwave, all the protocode, software and all. On top, you might have to deal with FCC when you transmit EM into air.
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    One thing is cost. IR s are lot cheaper than Bluetooth. Also, transmitting IR signals also consume lot less power.
    And top off all, why change at all? whats bad about IR ? Do you really want to change the channel of your living room television from your bed-room? :)
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    Infrared light is also EM wave :tongue:
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    Yeh Yeh Yeh!!!
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