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Bluetooth tracking devices?

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1

    I'm looking to design and build two circuits for devices that will alert the two holders of the devices when they come within 1m of each other (I only need 1m range for demonstrations of the devices – in practice, the range will be more like 100m).

    Now I'm pretty sure Bluetooth technology is the best suited for the task but I'm very new to using Bluetooth so am open to other suggestions - I need the devices to work from any angle and also ‘through’ obstructions blocking direct vision between the devices.

    If I’ve not made sense so far, picture this: you are on a train heading home but are unaware a friend of yours is also on the same train. A device to let you know your friend is nearby could be quite handy at this point (of course, your friend would need to be carrying a similar device!)

    I’m able to spend approx £30 ($50) on a pair of transceiver chips.

    Can anyone suggest a transceiver model that would suite my needs?

    I hope I’ve given enough information
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