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-bluetooth transmitter-

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    ---bluetooth transmitter------

    hello every one i'm new on this site
    and this is the only forum i discovered so far that deals with electronics
    i need some help
    i'm trying to build a programmable bluetooth transmitter
    all i want from that transmitter is this
    i need to make a box (not a cellphone)
    that connects to power and antenna and a optional connection to a computer (usb, rs232, or parallel, lan, it doesn't matter how) just to program it
    and all i want it to do is broadcaster a continues signal on bluetooth frequency so cellphones
    can see it, what would be programmable is the name of the signal
    and i need it to transmit for about 800 to 1000 miters (2400-3000 feet)
    i don't need from the phone to talk back or report back any thing...
    just give a signal with a programmable name
    if you have any info about any thing that can help me built this
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    Re: ---bluetooth transmitter------

    Welcome to the PF. What Bluetooth transmitter kits and modules have you looked at so far?


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