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    Board Reader is interesting, but has drawn suspicions because it uses a bot to login and scan content, does not respect robot.txt files and stores "copywritten" data on their site.
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    Hmmm That is interesting. How do they get away with that?? They do claim to steer people to your site, but I had a hard time linking to physicsforums.com.
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    Gee, is this right?

    last week posts in General Discussion 19,941 new posts

    last week posts in Politics & World Affairs 3,678 new posts

    And that doesn't include Philosophy.

    I knew my brains were beginning to ooze out through my ears.

    Greg, can I get a raise? :uhh:

    hah! Moonbear has more posts than I do!
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    Not quite as popular as Diaper Swappers, but Physics Forums is more popular than MothersDotCommune forum. Pretty impressive!

    And way more popular than JeepForum. And all of these are more popular than Born4Porn forum, but so is ReptileAdvice forum.

    Paging through the rankings, mothers with infants seem to spend the most time browsing forums. Some sports forums. No dating forums?
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