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Boarding school matters ?

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    Hellooo Everyone..
    I have a question :
    When u apply for a college (in the states), does it matter which (private) boarding high school u were in? or they just care about ur achievements and scores at school? in other words.. does the school name has any big value in ur application ?

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    As much as people will deny it, getting into college from a prestigious high school is much easier than a public school. They will definitely help you with getting better scores, recommendations, essays etc., not to mention that the mere prestige of your school will help you get in. However, I think you will lose out on a lot of things that normal high school kids do which are important to develop into a capable person.
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    Vanadium 50

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    This thread is over 5 years old. The OP has probably entered and left college by now.
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