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Boat float

  1. Feb 2, 2014 #1
    Hello, I have recently been given an experiment, where i will need to build a boat.
    The requirements are ° the boat must have dimensions smaller than 8in x 8 in
    ° have a mass minimum of 25.0 grams
    °the weights when loaded into the boat must be open to air
    °NO commercially produced beverage containers,Styrofoam containers,or
    boxes may be used
    I need some tips and advice,please help
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    You could use aluminum flashing to build a boat. You'd have to cut it and seal the joints with caulking material but you could design a really cool boat with it.

    Alternatively you could use paper and spray it with some water repellant spray:

    http://shoestores.com/shoe/HDWATERREPEL/Kiwi [Broken]



    You could investigate ship designs and create a model patterned after one like the tumbledown design:

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    It's not clear how much you expect the boat to carry. In any event, you can make a simple box which will float.

    You can fabricate the hull out of sheet styrene plastic which can be cut and glued together. If the hull needs local strengthening, you can construct internal framing from styrene sections.


    Done right, you can make a fairly sturdy hull without too much effort.
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    the boat needs to be able to hold 20 times its own mass
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    You'll have to use this criterion to decide on the proper dimensions of your bote. (bote is the informal of boat)
  7. Feb 8, 2014 #6
    thanks everyone :)
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