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Homework Help: Boat velocity

  1. Sep 17, 2008 #1
    A fishing boat with a max. velocity of 2m/s is in a river that is flowing at 2m/s west.

    a. what is the maximum velocity the boat can obtain?
    is it 4m/s?

    b. what is the minimum speed?
    this question i need help answering....
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    "a. what is the maximum velocity the boat can obtain?
    is it 4m/s?"

    The max speed is 4m/s; the max velocity is 4m/s west (magnitude and direction).

    For part b, if you boat goes 2m/s east with respect to the water, and the water goes 2m/s west with repect to the river bank, what is the boat's speed with respect to the river bank? How would the boat appear to be moving to someone standing on the riverbank?
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    so it should be 0 m/s?
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    thanks ;]
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    You're welcome.
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