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Bob Novak - dead at 78

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    Ivan Seeking

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    While I was a regular viewer of Evan and Novak, Crossfire, and The Washington Gang, which were great political shows that would put most crap on TV today to shame, I could never stand Robert Novak; even when I was a staunch Republican! Perhaps my favorite quote about Novak was that he has the greatest mind of the 15th Century!

    But all that aside, he was the ultimate Washington insider who was making news as well as reporting it, right up to the end with the Valerie Plame affair. Also, by all accounts, if he was your friend he absolutely loyal. I can respect that.
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    This is a shame! Novak was one of the greats, and will be missed by many.

    I never heard of the guy before.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    All children should remain in the lobby. Only adults are allowed.
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    I have a preference for Jon Stewart's favourite names for the late Mr. Novak. However, as someone on another site pointed me in the appropriate direction, I think I can use their wording here too.

    I'm sure there are people who cared about the man, and I'm sorry for their loss.
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    Well said.
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