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Bode plot in matlab

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    Hi everybody,

    I did a few measurements at a printer.
    I have a signal that i put in the printer that gives the printerhead a speed.

    I have put a sinus on the printerhead, and did this at different frequencies with the same signal strength (20 to 500 Hz, with steps of 15 Hz).
    I want to make a bodeplot now with these results of the amplitudes.
    But what will there be on the y-axis? I know it has a factor of 20log(...), so it's in dB.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Plot the peak-to-peak movement of the printhead. Use log-log axes, so you will have numbers like 1cm, 0.1cm, 0.01cm on the vertical axis, and numbers like 10Hz, 100Hz, 1000Hz on the horizontal axis.
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