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Bode plot

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    how can i plot the bode plot for this transfer function:

    s^2 + 10s + 100

    i have
    thus, ksi=1/2

    so the overshoot will be at ksi which is at 1/2 and my magnitude is 1.

    i don't see how i can find my poles and zeros. can anyone help me?

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    Just factor the denominator to get your poles. There are no zeros in your transfer function, because s does not occur in the numerator. When you have no zeros, is the transfer function LPF, BPF or HPF?
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    BTW, homework and coursework questions should be posted in the appropriate Homework Help forum area of the PF. I'll let this stay here for the moment, but please take care to post your homework and coursework questions in the HH forums in the future.
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