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Body Music - tuning up the self helps tune up The Universe

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    Tuning our bodys up as musical instruments helps tune up the universe.

    Just like we can't expect to go traveling to other dimensions until we keep our minds above negativity (breaking commandments). We can't even be galactically until we tune up our attitudes, and what a blessed world this is as we do. Karmic cleansing and balancing is really as simple as Egocide-Rebirth-See or the mental chant to 1) dissolve the lower energies into 2) staying in the heart level or higher, toward 3) the awareness light beacon of just "being see" (Brahma experiencing itself). Spiritual Rebirth or Peace Consciousness are when we interact and relate from the heart chakra and higher, reborn into our higher selves. May it be so.

    The "Sacred Law of Seven" is microcosmed in the human form. We have seven levels as do rainbows and we are mostly water. Think of yourself as a walking flute, with seven light bulbs on you, making music as you go. Localization of the identity gets focused and we are more in tune with our higher selves. Visualizing, and hopefully moving your chakra system helps align your aura, and all kinds of wonderful thinks happen!

    From http://www.Givnology.com/compose.htm [Broken]

    Love n light, Teo :)


    May we have enough compassion so that those who have solutions for us all can bring them to us without fear
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    I admit defeat, fair and square.

    I thought I had recently written the ultimate New Age thought, but I was just bested.
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    1) let me see! he he..

    2) you should see the updates I've put on my Karma Wash (Wellness Guide) and Body Music (Chakra Music correlations) pages! They are outa-site! he he..
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