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Bodybuilding questions

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    One: My CPT tells me that stretching before a workout is wrong. That we should stretch after, though warming up beforehand with a run is good. Does this make sense?

    Two: In this video, would these kind of quick lifts (starting at 1:15) really do anything for me? Shouldn't they always be smooth and controlled?


    (sorry about the music)
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    Yes. Studies have shown that your strength decreases by some percent (I think it was 5-15 or something) if you do any significant stretching before lifting.

    There is no risk hazard in not stretching, either, because you're going through a normal range of motion when you do a lift. Any injuries that occur happen in that normal range of motion.

    You do still need to warm up, though. Just not by stretching. Quick jog, some light pushups or something.

    Those aren't quick lifts. They look pretty normal. You should lift based on your goals. A wrestler, for example, would do even quicker lifts (after significant warmup, and not too often, either), because it mimics wrestling moves. A power lifter might go slower, to make the moves as efficient as possible and therefore make him able to lift more. A bodybuilder can go even slower depending on the latest fad they are trying to follow.
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